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Subject: RE: [regrep] Pre-Holiday Registry Riddle (Requesting Quick Feedback)

Some people may argue that the more useless and intractable the data - the more likely it is to be metadata... ; -)
Traditionally when people think data - they are thinking of business-data - aka information about tangible real world stuff and things - rather than abstract data about data itself that relates to things, material or otherwise...
Although I have seen no less an authority than Dan Paolini argue that there is no such things as metadata really - so who am I here to even suggest such a distinction?!?
But as Dan rightly points out - its Convergence that counts - stupid!
Let's hope for more registry utilization and more convergence in 2006!!


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Subject: RE: [regrep] Pre-Holiday Registry Riddle (Requesting Quick
From: "Miko Matsumura" <mmatsumura@infravio.com>
Date: Tue, January 03, 2006 12:39 pm
To: "Chiusano Joseph" <chiusano_joseph@bah.com>, "ebXML Regrep"

Trick question...Metadata is data. (sorry for the non-answer)

I know, people want to know if it's one or the other--if I were forced to choose I would say data, since it's a repository as well as a registry. Since metadata is data, you can say it holds data (and also the data that happens to be about data).

Happy New Year!

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From: Chiusano Joseph [mailto:chiusano_joseph@bah.com]
Sent: Wed 12/21/2005 1:13 PM
To: ebXML Regrep
Subject: [regrep] Pre-Holiday Registry Riddle (Requesting Quick Feedback)

Here's a pre-holiday registry riddle that I would value feedback on:

Knowing that ebXML Registry can be thought of as a service registry, and assuming (hypotetically) that you were asked to categorize an ebXML Registry as either a "data registry" or a "metadata registry", which of the 2 choices ("data" or "metadata") would you pick?

The reason I ask is that I hear both choices discussed in various forums, and I know that one person's data registry may be another person's metadata registry (and vice-versa).

Thanks - and Happy Holidays!


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Booz Allen Hamilton

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