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Subject: Re: RE : [regrep] Post-holiday registry riddle

> May be that my majors concerns are about what is intended by runtime and designtime phases in e-business and what is considered be a part of a phase.
> Generally runtime describes the operation of a computer program, the duration of its execution, from beginning to termination. In the e-business context, runtime cover the execution time of business exchanges from beginning to termination => BP execution, messages exchange. 
> The e-business designtime cover all the rest => establishment of agreement, discovery, data modelisation, BP definition and system configuration.
> Is my interpretation correct?
Seems ok as long as run time covers the execution life of any registry 
client application. Otherwise it is a bit restrictive.
> By this point of view the registry could be:
> 1. just a design time tool but 
> 2. if we consider all *systems* participating to the execution time then the registry (that for example could be queried by an ebMS system to obtain a CPA for configuring the message handler while executing a BP) is a design and run time tool.
> What is right for you?
For the last several years I have tried to clear the mis-conception that 
ebXML Registry is only for design time [6]. In my epxerience as I have 
stated earlier I see more usage of it at run time than at design time. 
The classic / original vision of ebXML Registry was was design time 
focused but original visions are often not as 20/20 as hindsight is.

Lets consider a real examples. IHE XDS uses ebXML Registry for patient 
record management. The client apps could be used by doctors to look at 
or update the patient record. Is that a design time use or a run time 
use? It is clearly run-time use.

Another technique I use is that when in doubt ask the same question 
withe the wor "database" substituted for "ebXML Registry".
Most of the the time you will get the right answer. So - are databases 
only good for design time? Clearly not? Q.E.D :-)

I hope we as a TC can collectively work to dispell this popular 
misconception. Thanks.

[6] Web Content Management using ebXML Registry (XML Europe 2004):

(presentation in ppt format)
(presentation in Open Office format)


fn:Farrukh Najmi

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