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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Type Extensibility] Wiki page

Kathryn, yes I am a TC member and I want to become a voting member (again).

Farrukh, thanks for setting up the wiki page. I will get back to you if I have any comments.

I look forward to participating in ebXML Registry TC.



>-----Original Message-----
>From: Breininger, Kathryn R [mailto:kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com]
>Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 01:28 PM
>To: 'Farrukh Najmi', 'Goran Zugic'
>Cc: regrep@lists.oasis-open.org, 'Nikola Stojanovic'
>Subject: RE: [regrep] [Type Extensibility] Wiki page
>Actually, Goran you are listed as a TC Member, but not a voting member.
>You will need to let me know if you want to become a voting member, and
>in order to become a voting member and maintain your eligibility, meet
>the attendance requirements as specified in the OASIS TC processes
>Kathryn Breininger
>Boeing Library Services
>425-965-0182 phone
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Farrukh Najmi [mailto:Farrukh.Najmi@Sun.COM]
>Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 10:08 AM
>To: Farrukh Najmi
>Cc: regrep@lists.oasis-open.org; Goran Zugic; Nikola Stojanovic
>Subject: [regrep] [Type Extensibility] Wiki page
>Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> What I would like to propose is that we start work on defining the
>> spec for type extensibility in a collaborative manner on a wiki page
>> in our wiki.
>> Implementations such as Goran's registry and freebXML Registry may
>> choose on their own volition to implement the draft informal spec and
>> feed back their implementation experience into the wiki based draft
>> spec for the feature. When we feel we have reached enough maturity in
>> the draft spec we can decide to rev our core specs (where this draft
>> spec would
>> belong) and go through the normal OASIS standardization process. Note
>> that the wiki page under this proposal serves as a similar role that
>> our draft proposal documents in the past. The main difference is that
>> wiki pages are more suited for living documents that are being
>> developed collaboratively.
>A wiki page has been created here:
>Please share comments on both the structure and content of this page.
>Goran, I had included you as Editor but then realized that you are not a
>TC member. Let me know if that changes.
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