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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Type Extensibility] Wiki page

>> najmi: What I would like to propose is that we start work on defining 
>> the spec for type extensibility in a collaborative manner on a wiki 
>> page in our wiki.
>> Implementations such as Goran's registry and freebXML Registry may 
>> choose on their own volition to implement the draft informal spec and 
>> feed
>> back their implementation experience into the wiki based draft spec 
>> for the feature. When we feel we have reached enough maturity in the 
>> draft spec
>> we can decide to rev our core specs (where this draft spec would 
>> belong) and go through the normal OASIS standardization process. Note 
>> that the wiki page
>> under this proposal serves as a similar role that our draft proposal 
>> documents in the past. The main difference is that wiki pages are 
>> more suited for living documents that are being developed 
>> collaboratively.
> najmi2: A wiki page has been created here:
> http://wiki.oasis-open.org/regrep/documents/proposals/typeExtensibility
> Please share comments on both the structure and content of this page. 
> Thanks. 

mm1: Since I didn't know if I could edit the WIKI or post to it (inform 
me please), here are some observations:

    * Business processes rely many times on type extensibility. You can
      see how this has evolved in ebBP for an process specification,
      attribute, business documents, etc. by looking at our schema at:
          o We allow document and attribute substitution as well. For
            example, and in support of the use case on the WIKI, UBL in
            collaboration with ebBP is starting working on another set
            of ebBP process definitions based on UBL v2.0 (that adds
            procurement, billing, remittance, etc).  Stephen Green
            intends to use the attribute substitution capabilities to
            allow the process definitions related to the business
            documents as widely usable as possible. 
          o We chose to use (and CPP/A working draft v2.1 as well) have
            provided extensibility via typing. For example, we extended
            the business transaction patterns to allow a new extensible
            pattern using such a mechanism.
    * In CPP/A v2.1, they have used type extensibility to enable use of
      several process messaging and channel characterististics,
      including use of AS2, ediint, etc. The latest draft isn't
      available so please see Dale Moberg (Dale Moberg
    * It might be valuable to query UBL team as they have had extensive
      discussions about extensibility and how to support conformance and
      compatibility while allowing such capabilities. See Jon Bosak.

Thanks and regards.

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