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Subject: Re: [regrep] Who is minding the minders of Registry's???

David RR Webber (XML) wrote:
> Robin,
> Thanks for the news items on the NCRI work on CORDRA.
> It really makes me feel great that my tax $$ are being spent on
> such ground breaking work.
> The only snags that I now see is that this NCRI team - having done
> all this - and suddenly dropped this in our laps - have created a
> wave of questions and little answers - so far!
> It all seems so strongly reminisent of what happened during the ebXML
> original work.  Some contractor took all the specifications - then did a
> global search and replace on all the acronyms (seriously this did happen)
> and then pushed their versions of the spec's to the DoD for funding
> to develop it!  The excuse was that this was needed immediately -
> and that DoD could not wait for the community to evolve it.
> Sound familiar?  How many times has the DoD ended up with its own
> querky varients of what the rest of the world is using?  The left hand
> and the right hand just seem to not realize they are connected to
> the same body even.
> Could it be that this NCRI work is also a knock-off?  The functionality
> all sounds wonderful.  Many things we've been asking for and
> specifying here in OASIS appear to be implemented already. 
> Has NIST been involved in the process here at all - or are they
> just as blindsided by this too?
> And on to the tougher questions - is this available as GFE now or
> open source?  (We've paid for it - can we now please take delivery?!?)
> And of course - if this really does exist as claimed - is it based on
> ebXML - and hence how close is it - how easy is it to create
> federation between the flavours here?  Or wonder, of wonders - even
> though the article makes no mention - is the engine underneath their
> work actually OMAR?  Or one of the other GFE registry systems the
> government has already purchased?
> I guess we'll begin to piece this all together here.  If CORDRA really
> is as wonderful as they are claiming - then we seriously have to
> figure out how to get all this great technology into peoples hands to
> start using it - at a minimum in the GFE space.
Based on a quick read it seems that:

1. There is a high degree of overlap between ebXML Registry standard and 

2. CORDRA is an independently developed technology based on DSPACE 
rather than a knock-off of ebXML Registry


fn:Farrukh Najmi

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