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Subject: RE: [regrep] FW: SOAP 1.2 support

Thanks David for replying.  Am I to understand then that the effort 
at issue is the HL7/OMG Healthcare Services Specification Project 
(HSSP) [1] ?  

The second principle they list on the referenced page is "Don't re-
invent wheels." Given that, if someone thinks that is there is 
relevant work they are not considering, why not just point them to
it?  These organizations have a history of working in these areas
in the past.  I still don't understand the issue.  The first HSSP
project mentioned is an Entity Identification Service.  This is almost 
certainly expected to be a revision of the Person Identification
Service defined by this same OMG subgroup some years ago.  Does
using the phrase Service Oriented Architecture mean that they should
throw away their prior work?

Evan K. Wallace
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

[1] http://www.hl7.org.uk/marketing/workshops/HSSP/HSSP%20overview.html

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