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Subject: Re: [regrep] Groups - Deployment Profile Template For ebXML Registry3.0 OASIS Specifications (ebRR-3.0-DeploymentProfileTemplate-wd-024.odt)uploaded

>bedini: The document named Deployment Profile Template For ebXML Registry 3.0 OASIS
>Specifications (ebRR-3.0-DeploymentProfileTemplate-wd-024.odt) has been
>submitted by Mr Ivan Bedini to the OASIS ebXML Registry TC document
>Document Description:
>Download Document:  
mm1: Ivan, it is apparent that the team working on this has been working 
hard and this is commendable. One key comment I see if this is to enable 
user communities to understand how to use the registry, they first need 
a context of why they need to use some of these capabilities. For 
example, I see in Event Notification a set of use cases detailing why 
you may wish to use this capability.  Applying this to all the key 
subject areas of this document may be helpful in engaging the communites 
that could be served. It also may help prepare us in future template 
development that more so engages the business and functional aspects of 
registry use and value. Thanks.

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