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Subject: Comments on "ebXML Registry Profile for Web Ontologies" draft 5

Dear Asuman and colleagues,

First I want to express my deep appreciation for this superb profile 
specification and the tremendous hard
work it took to create it.

The content is quite complex but it is made manageable by the excellent 
of the complex mappings and concepts.

Below are my comments on this draft. My apologies for not having sent 
them earlier.

Line 256:

Replace: "parameterized (generic) stored procedures"
With: "parameterized stored queries"

2.1.1 RDF Schema Features

Suggest having a section prior to this that gives a table giving brief 
descriptions of the namespaces used and their prefixes (e.g. rfd, rdfs)

4.1.1 owl:Class ? rim:ClassificationNode

Need to state what scheme the rim:ClassificationNode is under.

Line 671:

"<rim:Association id='hasAirport' 

The associationType should be in a namespace that is specific to this 

Suggested Replacement (strong):

"<rim:Association id='hasAirport' 

Do same for all canonical ids defined by this profile.

BTW this has been discussed before. I had suggested using "PropertyOf" 
rather than "Property" as the sense of the association is unambiguous 
that way.
Currently it could be confused with "HasProperty". Asuman and others 
felt that it is better to be consistent with RDF term "Property". Should 
at least the id
even if label says "Property"?

Line 688: Missing example of maping to ebRIM.

Line 656,671,716, 720:

targetObject='OWL-S Profile'

Above is not a permanent id. Please use convention in line 297-300 to 
replace with a symbolic reference to a canonical id.

This is a global issue.

Line 716: Related to above comment, I have defined an deterministic 
algorithm for converting URLs to a valid URN that I plan to contribute to
our specs. Using that algorithm the following conversion occurs for the 
OWL profile URL:

URL: http://www.daml.org/services/owls/1.0/Profile.owl#Profile

URN: urn:www-daml-org:services:owls:1.0:Profile.owl_Profile

Suggest using that in this profile to address previous comment. Better 
yet use a symbolic name per convention on line 300 to make it easier on 
spec writer and reader.

Line 750:

Old: "it may be more appropriate"

Above does not indicate normative sense.

New: "it is more appropriate"

Also need example of mapping to ebRIM
Please check rest of document for similar issues.

Line 989: Example shows Association inside an Association. This is not 
valid syntax. Please explain intent and fix.

Line 1040:

Old: rim:Slot name="minCardinality"

slotNames MUST (or is it SHOULD?) be a valid URN in ebRS. In either 
case, please replace with a URN in namespace for this profile.
Check for similar in rest of spec.

Line 1144: Suggest removing Name for brevity. I dont think it is 
significant - is it?

4.6 Representing OWL Class Intersection in ebXML RIM

It is simpler to not use RegistryPackage in this mapping. It is simpler 
to use a multi-value slot instead where the values
are ids of the classes for the intersectionOf. ANy reason not to do that?

4.7 Representing OWL Versioning in ebXML RIM

Need example for ebRIM mapping

Line 1247:


Suggest using a symbolic name like ${seeAlsoExternalLink} per convention 
in line 300

Line 1273:

Old: "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#integer";

This should map to:

"urn:www-w3-org:2001:XMLSchema_integer" instead of "integer"

according to algorith suggested earlier. To make this sort of thing 
easier in spec you could use a symbolic name per convention on line 300.
Look for same globally in spec.

Line 2523:

ObjectType:RegistryObject:ExtrinsicObject:OWL" code="OWL"

Again need to use namespace for this profile in canonical ids defined by 
this profile.
Please fix globally.

7.2 AssociationType Extensions

Suggest making all profile specific AssociationTypes sub-class of a 
common parent "OWLAssociationTypes"
This will keep them grouped distinctly from other AssociationTypes from 
core specs and other profiles.

Look for similar in other ClassificationScheme extensions.

Thanks once again for this seminal work to advance the use of ebXML 
Registry with the benefit of Web Ontologies.


fn:Farrukh Najmi

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