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Subject: Comments on Deployment Profile TemplateJune2006.doc

 <<Comments on Deployment Profile TemplateJune2006.doc>> 
Ted and I worked on the template document and completed the review this
afternoon.  Here is the complied list of comments/edits from the work
done during the face-to-face through today.  We will plan to discuss at
our next telecon, as well as next steps.

During the face-to-face there were suggestions for changes to the title
to make it clearer what the intended purpose of the document is.  One
suggestion was: "Template for user-defined profiles for ebXML RIM and
ebXML RS". 

The approach taken during the review and editing was that this should be
a skeletal document that describes what needs to be documented in a
profile for a specific domain.  The expectation is that the reader has
an understanding of ebXML RIM and RS, so that information is not
repeated in the template profile. The reasoning behind this approach was
that repeating information in the template runs the risk of being
out-of-synch if the RIM or RS are versioned. In addition, the preference
is to refer the reader to the specs for the normative concepts and

Please send comments, questions etc. to the list.

Comments on Deployment Profile TemplateJune2006.doc

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