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Subject: Re: [regrep] regrep 1/24/2007: Question on RS Section 3.1Errata(PublicComment)

>Breininger, Kathryn R wrote: Okay - between the comments Monica sent, the public comment, comments from Ivan, and from Farrukh, do we now have a consensus on how the text needs to be changed?  Although the vote on the two ballots was completed and both erratas were approved as Committee Drafts, it sounds like the RS errata needs to be re-worded and go through the process again.
>Please let me know exactly what text needs to be changed for the issues Monica, public comment and Ivan brought up, and I will make changes and re-submit for the TC review and discussion at our next telecon (Feb. 8th) 
>Kathryn Breininger
>Boeing Library Services
>425-965-0182 phone
mm1: I believe that the revised text proposed by Farrukh and Ivan was 
sufficient. I'll re-review today and advise. They should also advise if 
they do agree and what the finalized revised text looks like so people 
have a clear understanding. It does require a reclarification on the 
Errata. Thanks.

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