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regrep message

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Subject: Minutes from our meeting this morning

Attached are the minutes from the meeting this morning. Thank you


Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

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> http://socal.web.boeing.com/ssglibsurvey/
ebXML Registry TC minutes for February 8, 2006

1. Approval of minutes from January 11th meeting 


 2. Minute taker (volunteer needed)

Farrukh Najmi

 3. Review of RS Errata and RIM Errata.  Discussion and possible vote 
 for approval

 RS Errata version 5:

RIM Errata version 3:

KB: The errata has not gone for public review yet so it is good that we got some external comments already.
The public review is 15 days and OASIS vote is another 15 days.

NS: RIM Errata does not include type attribute in PostalAddressType
FN: This would not be a backward compatibility issue. It would be a forward compatibility issue
NS: If we do this change then we will need new version of schema
KB: Purpose of errata was to provide missing figures and clarifications.
It was not to add new or missing functionality
KB: We can do this type of change would be better done in 3.1 as proposed by Farrukh for release this summer

NS: What is timing for ISO submisison for ebBP
KB: Has not gone yet but starting the process
FN: Can we send 3.0 merged with errata for ISO submission
KB: No we cant sent merged version
NS: Can we submit without merge and have link to merged
KB: Yes we can do that
FN: Can we agree to have merged 3.0 + errata in KAVI and link to merged version in errata docs.
ALL: Agreed
ALL: Agreed that things like schema and WSDL changes should be deferred for 3.1. Leave the errata content regarding WSDL typo intact but dont change the WSDL file itself.


-Create merged version of specs called 3.0.1 in open office source and generate pdf (Farrukh) -Update errata docs to include link to 3.0.1 specs (Kathryn) -Contact Moinica to get update on ISO submission (Kathryn)

4. Publicity:
New ebXML.XML.org site going live soon:

KB: Each ebXML TC will have content
Vendors can add product info.
Blogs will be supported.
Only the editorial board can make changes to the Knowledge Base portion of ebXML.XML.org - anyone can add content to any of the other sections (News, Products, Services, Resources, Testimonials, Events, Blogs, Forums, etc.).

Wikipedia entry updated:
KB: Jacque Durrand has recently updated. Please review and update if needed.
NS: "ebXML" is spelled wrong in URL "EbXML"
DW: Can't fix that
NS: Registry bindings use "REST" which should be dropped in favor of "HTTP"
ALL: Agreed. Fixed during con-call by Farrukh

5. Webinar discussion
KB: Should we do a webinar in the March time frame
FN: Concerned about lack of time and finding new topic since last Webinar. Perhaps better to wait until after 3.1 release
KB: Perhaps we can leverage material from previous webinar and recent OGC presentation
ALL: General feeling that this would be a good idea if we can pull it off.
KB: Perhaps we should look at the poll results from last webinar
All: Agreed

6. User Guide for profiles review:
Ivan is unavailable todays. He sent message saying he has not yet incoporated Monica's comment yet.

7. OASIS Symposium 2007

KB: Coming up in April.
Is anyone one going?

Only Kathryn going so far. So no TC meeting

8. Other issues, items

David will be sending revised REST SC proposal.


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