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Subject: Re: [regrep] Public Review of ebXML Registry Profile for Web OntologyLanguage (OWL) v1.5

cmattocks@metlife.com wrote:
> I think we are ready to do 3.3. & 3.4


( means: Amen to what brother Carl said :-) )

> Carl Mattocks
> Consultant : ITIL  Application Knowledge Management
> MetLife 732 893 4170
> 'Always look on the bright side of life' Monty Python
> *"Breininger, Kathryn R" <kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com>*
> 02/16/2007 02:27 PM
> To
> 	regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
> cc
> Subject
> 	RE: [regrep] Public Review of ebXML Registry Profile for Web Ontology
> Language (OWL) v1.5
> The public review for the OWL profile just ended (Feb 11th). We now need
> to look at any comments we received during the public review and
> determine how to resolve (I don't recall seeing any...).  We then need
> to agree if we are ready for a ballot to approve as a Committee
> Specification.  OASIS must set up this ballot; we need to document the
> discussion and agreement in our minutes.  We can at the same time decide
> if we want to move it forward in the process to a standard. Again, we
> need to show discussion, motions and agreement in our meeting minutes.
> There is a packet of material that must be included if we are requesting
> to be voted on for approval as an OASIS standard. Please see the TC
> Processes link from OASIS
> (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#stand_approv_process).
> Here is the section related to the process:
> 3.3 Approval of a Committee Specification
> After the public review of a Public Review Draft the TC may approve the
> specification as a Committee Specification. The approval of a Committee
> Specification shall require a Special Majority Vote. The TC Chair shall
> notify the TC Administrator that the TC is ready to vote on the approval
> of the specification, and provide to the TC Administrator the location
> of the editable versions of the specification files. The TC
> Administrator shall set up and conduct the ballot to approve the
> Committee Specification.
> 3.4 Approval of an OASIS Standard
> Simultaneously with the approval of a Committee Specification or at a
> later date, a TC may resolve by Special Majority Vote to submit the
> Committee Specification to the membership of OASIS for consideration as
> an OASIS Standard. Upon resolution of the TC to submit the
> specification, its Chair shall submit the following items to the TC
> Administrator:
> (a) Links to the approved Committee Specification in the TC's document
> repository, and any appropriate supplemental documentation for the
> specification, both of which must be written using the OASIS templates.
> The specification may not have been changed between its approval as a
> Committee Specification and its submission to OASIS for consideration as
> an OASIS Standard, except for the changes on the title page and running
> footer noting the approval status and date.
> (b) The editable version of all files that are part of the Committee
> Specification;
> (c) Certification by the TC that all schema and XML instances included
> in the specification, whether by inclusion or reference, including
> fragments of such, are well formed, and that all expressions are valid;
> (d) A clear English-language summary of the specification;
> (e) A statement regarding the relationship of this specification to
> similar work of other OASIS TCs or other standards developing
> organizations;
> (f) Certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that they
> are successfully using the specification;
> (g) The beginning and ending dates of the public review(s), a pointer to
> the announcement of the public review(s), and a pointer to an account of
> each of the comments/issues raised during the public review period(s),
> along with its resolution;
> (h) An account of and results of the voting to approve the specification
> as a Committee Specification, including the date of the ballot and a
> pointer to the ballot;
> (i) An account of or pointer to votes and comments received in any
> earlier attempts to standardize substantially the same specification,
> together with the originating TC's response to each comment;
> (j) A pointer to the publicly visible comments archive for the
> originating TC;
> (k) A pointer to any minority reports submitted by one or more Members
> who did not vote in favor of approving the Committee Specification,
> which report may include statements regarding why the member voted
> against the specification or that the member believes that Substantive
> Changes were made which have not gone through public review; or
> certification by the Chair that no minority reports exist.
> The above submission must be made by the 15th of any month to the TC
> Administrator, who shall have until the end of the month to complete
> administrative processing and checking for completeness and correctness
> of the submission. If the submission is incomplete it shall be rejected
> but may be resubmitted at a later time.
> The TC that originated the specification may resolve by Special Majority
> Vote to withdraw the proposed specification at any point after it is
> submitted to the TC Administrator for administrative processing and
> before the start of the voting period. No part of the submission may be
> changed or altered in any way after being submitted to the TC
> Administrator, including by Errata or corrigenda. Errata, corrigenda or
> other changes to a Committee Specification are not permitted after its
> submission for OASIS Standard approval; if changes are required the
> Committee Specification must be withdrawn by the TC, edited, re-approved
> as a Committee Specification, and then may be resubmitted as a proposed
> OASIS Standard. Proposed changes of any kind to a Committee Draft or
> Committee Specification may be maintained by a Technical Committee, but
> do not have any approval status until incorporated into a revised
> Committee Draft or Committee Specification.
> The TC Administrator shall submit the proposal to the OASIS membership
> by the first day of the following month. The first 15 days of that month
> shall be used by the membership to familiarize themselves with the
> submission. Voting shall start on the 16th of the month. The voting
> representatives of those organizational members of OASIS who were
> members at the beginning of the familiarization period are eligible to
> vote, and must submit their ballots by the end of the month.
> In votes upon proposed OASIS Standards, each OASIS organizational member
> shall be entitled to cast one vote. Votes shall be cast via the publicly
> archived electronic voting facility supplied by OASIS. Ballots shall be
> publicly visible during voting and may be changed up until the end of
> the voting period. The results of a vote on a proposed standard shall be
> provided to the membership and to the TC no later than seven days
> following the close of the voting period.
> If at the end of the voting period at least 15 percent of the voting
> membership has voted to approve the proposed standard, and if no votes
> have been cast to disapprove the proposed standard, it shall become an
> OASIS Standard immediately following the end of the voting period.
> However, if negative votes amounting to less than 15 percent of the
> voting membership have been cast, the TC shall be notified of the
> negative votes, after which the TC shall have 30 days to take one of the
> following actions by Resolution of a Special Majority Vote: (a) request
> the TC Administrator to approve the specification as submitted despite
> the negative votes; (b) withdraw the submission entirely; or (c) submit
> an amended specification, in which case the amended submission shall be
> considered as if it were a new submission, except that information
> regarding previous votes and any disposition of comments received in
> previous votes shall accompany the amended submission.
> If at the end of the voting period less than 15 percent of the voting
> membership has voted to approve the proposed standard, or if at the end
> of the voting period 15 percent or more of the voting membership has
> voted to disapprove the proposed standard, or if the originating TC upon
> notification of negative votes takes no formal action within the 30 days
> allocated for consideration of the results, then the specification shall
> not become an OASIS Standard. This shall not prevent a later version of
> the same specification from being submitted again as specified in this
> section.
> No changes may be made to the specification after approval as an OASIS
> Standard except for the changes on the title page and running footer
> noting the approval status and date.
> Kathryn Breininger
> Boeing Library Services
> 425-965-0182 phone
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mary McRae [mailto:mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 6:44 PM
> To: members@lists.oasis-open.org; tc-announce@lists.oasis-open.org
> Cc: regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [regrep] Public Review of ebXML Registry Profile for Web
> Ontology Language (OWL) v1.5
> To OASIS members, Public Announce Lists:
> The OASIS ebXML Registry TC has recently approved the following
> specification as a Committee Draft and approved the package for public
> review:
> ebXML Registry Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL) v1.5
> The public review starts today, 13 December 2006, and ends 11 February
> 2007.
> This is an open invitation to comment. We strongly encourage feedback
> from potential users, developers and others, whether OASIS members or
> not, for the sake of improving the interoperability and quality of OASIS
> work. Please feel free to distribute this announcement within your
> organization and to other appropriate mail lists.
> More non-normative information about the specification and the technical
> committee may be found at the public home page of the TC at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=regrep.
> Comments may be submitted to the TC by any person through the use of the
> OASIS TC Comment Facility which can be located via the button marked
> "Send A Comment" at the top of that page, or directly at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/comments/index.php?wg_abbrev=regrep
> .
> Submitted comments (for this work as well as other works of that TC) are
> publicly archived and can be viewed at:
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/regrep-comment/. All comments
> submitted to OASIS are subject to the OASIS Feedback License, which
> ensures that the feedback you provide carries the same obligations at
> least as the obligations of the TC members.
> The specification document and related files are available here:
> Editable Source:
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/regrep/v3.0/profiles/owl/regrep-owl-profile-v
> 1.5-cd01
> .odt
> PDF:
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/regrep/v3.0/profiles/owl/regrep-owl-profile-v
> 1.5-cd01
> .pdf
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/regrep/v3.0/profiles/owl/regrep-owl-profile-v
> 1.5-cd01
> .html
> OASIS and the ebXML Registry TC welcome your comments.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Mary P McRae
> Manager of TC Administration, OASIS
> email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org
> web: www.oasis-open.org
> The information contained in this message may be CONFIDENTIAL and is for the intended addressee only.  Any unauthorized use, dissemination of the information, or copying of this message is prohibited.  If you are not the intended addressee, please notify the sender immediately and delete this message.


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