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regrep message

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Subject: Should IBM being working with us on this?

FYI.  But the recent developments the past week on rr-dev on using OMAR with simpler GUI tools - maybe what IBM needs here? Sometimes a simple breakthrough can make all the difference in adoption...
I would suggest some dialogue could be critical - especially given IBMs commit to regrep for IHE/XDS - aligning on the one secure registry base would be a power play for them...
IBM Calls for New SOA Registry Standard
Joe McKendrick, ZDNet Blog
IBM spokespeople are saying that the UDDI standard for registries isn't
cutting it, and the "time is now" for a new registry standard more
focused on today's SOA realities. In the meantime, IBM will be offering
a proprietary solution. In a new report in ITWeek, IBM managers state
that SOAs have stretched the Universal Description, Discovery and
Integration (UDDI) web services standard to the limit, and that it's
time for a new standard. 
Burton Group's Anne Thomas Manes had just
issued a report that IBM's WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
(WSRR) 6.0.1 doesn't fully support UDDI, the commonly accepted standard
behind SOA registries. IBM, however, says that UDDI was originally
designed for Web services, which invoke point-to-point connections
across the network. (In fact, it was designed to be the "Yellow Pages"
of the e-business world.)
But what enterprises need now is a registry
standard that addresses the building-block, enterprise approach of SOA,
Big Blue says. SOAs require different information about services than
do Web services, IBM claimed. According to Sunil Murthy, a manager for
WebSphere Service Registry and Repository at IBM's Software Group, UDDI
will not allow for role-based access to services, does not let companies
manage a service's life cycle to enable governance, and does not allow
for services to be searched. The IBM representatives quoted in the
article could not predict what a new registry standard would or should
look like, but said vendors should take their time in sorting things out.
See also Burton:

"The way to be is to do" - Confucius (551-472 B.C.)

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