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Subject: SOA Registry/Repository positioning

Stupid me.  Yes - this is the exact point - as techies we congratulate ourselves on superior tools and being ahead of the curve - but we forget to make it obvious to the potential users.
I'd fallen into this with the REST/AJAX work - not spelling out that the intent is to make SOA much easier to do.
We could very easily create a SOA implementers group - and announce that thru OASIS - as an adhoc group discussing the support of SOA applications with ebXML reg/rep.  That way we get all the Google search hits and visibility - and then feedback from users on needs.  Already the IHE/XDS group fits into this.
Choices are - have OASIS do a discussion list for 60 days - or do something on ebxml.xml.org

"The way to be is to do" - Confucius (551-472 B.C.)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: [regrep] Should IBM being working with us on this?
From: cmattocks@metlife.com
Date: Mon, April 30, 2007 10:27 am
To: kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com
Cc: "David RR Webber (XML)" <david@drrw.info>, "Farrukh S. Najmi"
<farrukh@wellfleetsoftware.com>, regrep@lists.oasis-open.org

To help folks understand that SOA already has a Registry Repository standard we could modify the name to "SOA Registry & Repository"

Carl Mattocks
Consultant : ITIL  Application Knowledge Management
MetLife 732 893 4170

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