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regrep message

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Subject: Combined slides for the Webinar

I’ve just posted the combined slides for the Webinar in both ODP and PDF formats. They are divided into three sections: “ebXML Registry Overview”, “SOA Use Case and Demo” and “Summary”. The very last slide - “Related Links” is supposed to be displayed During the Q&A part of the Webinar. While merging different presentations some slides that were duplicates were removed. Slides on UNSPSC [13] and on GS1 US Use Cases [14] were added. There were some minor editorial changes. A few slides need to be looked into more carefully:


1.     Slide [10]: “Profiles Implement Business Context” -> title of the slide might warrant a further discussion

  1. Slide [12]: “Who is Using ebXML Registry” -> all entries need to be confirmed
  2. Slide [27]: “ebXML RegRep Design Time Use” -> picture is not right; Farrukh would need to fix it




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