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Subject: ebXML Telecon today

Hi, I just realized when I looked at our ebXML RegRep page that we have
a telecon scheduled for today at 8:00. Are folks available for a telecon
this morning?  Here is the call in info:

The telecon number and password:
USA toll: 1-210-795-0625
USA Toll free: 866-617-3597
PARTICIPANT PASSCODE (same for all countries): 1739140 

International numbers;
Toll: 33-1-70-70-84-56
Toll free: 080-510-0984
Toll: 44-20-7108-6391
Toll free: 0800-279-9632 

For other countries please contact Kathryn directly.

Draft Agenda:
1. Approval of minutes from our last meeting 
2. Minute taker (volunteer needed - last minute takers: (Farrukh,
Nikola, Kathryn, Monica, Farrukh, Carl, David, Nikola, Kathryn, Farrukh,
Nikola, Kathryn, Farrukh) 

3. ebXML version 4.0 discussion
	* Update on Search-WS TC
	* Defining and enforcing expected slots on a per-objectType
	* Slot Definition and Validation

4. Other items

Kathryn Breininger
Manager, Release & Delivery Services
CIMS - Center for Information Management Services

MC 62-LC
425-965-0182 phone
425-512-4281 cell
425-237-3491 fax

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