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Subject: WSDL type to RIM type mapping in WSDL Profile

In current draft of the WSDL Profile there is an oddity in the mapping
where WSDL type mapping to ebRIM that wsdl:service and wsdl:port map to
rim:Service and rim:ServiceBinding
while wsdl:binding and wsdl:portType map to rim:ExtrinsicObject.

Whats odd is that the rim:Service and rim:ServiceBinding do not have the
objectType for
wsdl:service and wsdl:port. This means that queries by objectType do not
find them.

A related oddity in WSDL Profile is that the WSDL extension to
objectType hierarchy defines wsdl:service, wsdl:port, wsdl:binding and
wsdl:portType as sub-types
of the WSDL node.

A solution could be to define wsdl:service and wsdl:port as sub-types of
rim:Service and rim:ServiceBinding respectively. This is allowed in
RegRep 4 and was not possible in RegRep 3.

The resulting ObjectType scheme looks as follows:


Any one have any comments on this.

Also, it seems that the rim:ServiceBinding class is really misnamed and
should have been called rim:Port instead.
I am debating if we should fix this in RIM 4.0.

TIA for sharing your comments and suggestions.

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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