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regrep message

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Subject: draft minutes meeting May 15th

Please review Draft Minutes of the OASIS ebXML Registry/Repository TC May 15, 2008





Carl Mattocks                           

Farrukh Najmi

Nikola Stojanovic                      



Minute taker

Carl Mattocks


Topic : ebXML Registry facilitating Register synchronization:

FN referred to discussion items on the TC Wiki.



Potential factors-




Action to carl: Research work of other TCs that have focused on effective URI management


Next meeting will be June  2008.

Chair OASIS Business Centric Methodology TC
co-Chair (ISO/TS 15000) ebXMLRegistry Semantic Content SC
Ontolog ONION Cop Leader
VP Berkeley Town Underwater Search & Rescue Unit
vmail (usa) 908 322 8715
CHECKMi:Mate Semantically Savvy Agents

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