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Subject: Fwd: [oasis-charter-discuss] Comments on Proposed Charter for OASIS SET TC

Please note that SET TC might take advantage of the UNCEFACT  adoption of RegRep proposals for registration of Core Components.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prof. Dr. Asuman Dogac <asuman@srdc.metu.edu.tr>
Date: May 29, 2008 4:36 AM
Subject: Re: [oasis-charter-discuss] Comments on Proposed Charter for OASIS SET TC
To: "von Riegen, Claus" <claus.von.riegen@sap.com>
Cc: oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org

Thank you very much for your email. It would indeed be very beneficial
to coordinate with TMG.

Allow me to present you some of our initial thoughts
on how context can be used for Core Component discovery and re-use
which are realized within the scope of the following work:

Semantic Enrichment for the Automated Customization and Interoperability
of UBL Schemas, Yalin Yarimagan, PhD Thesis, Dept. of Computer Eng.,
METU, March 2008.

As I have mentioned these are just some initial thoughts; we intend to
develop the specification *collaboratively*.

I will highly appreciate if you could kindly guide me on how we can concretely
establish this collaboration. Many thanks.

Best regards,


von Riegen, Claus wrote:

I am wondering how the work in scope of the proposed SET TC relates to existing work around context methodology as part of the UN/CEFACT Techniques and Methodologies Group (TMG). TMG is already working on methodologies for describing and representing context information for core components.

I would recommend the proposers of this TC to coordinate with the TMG in order to reuse as much as possible their work on context methodology for core components, particularly in light of the Memorandum of Understanding between OASIS and UN/ECE.

Thanks and best regards,

*Claus von Riegen*
Director Technology Standards and Open Source
Global Ecosystem and Partner Group
Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16
69190 Walldorf, Germany
T +49 6227 7-42589
F +49 6227 78-19953
M +49 160 8896870
_claus.von.riegen@sap.com_ <mailto:claus.von.riegen@sap.com>
_www.sap.com_ <http://www.sap.com/>

Professor Asuman Dogac             email: asuman@srdc.metu.edu.tr
WWW: http://www.srdc.metu.edu.tr/~asuman/
Director                           Phone: +90 (312) 210 5598, or
Software R&D Center                       +90 (312) 210 2076
Department of Computer Eng.        Fax: +90 (312) 210 5572                      Middle East Technical University        +90 (312) 210 1259
06531 Ankara Turkey                      skype: adogac

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