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Subject: Notes from our meeting December 3

Attached are the notes from our meeting on Dec. 3rd. Thank you Oliver!


Kathryn Breininger
Manager, Release & Delivery Services
CIMS - Center for Information Management Services

MC 62-LC
425-965-0242 desk
425-512-4281 cell
425-237-4582 fax

Notes from ebXML RegRep TC Telcon (12/3/2008)




Update from OGC ebXML SWG meeting (Farrukh, Oliver)


  OGC is starting up a new standards working group (SWG) that is focused on 
  creating geospatial profiles of RegRep (both ebRIM and ebRS). This is 
  a major shift from the current OGC approach whereby they specify an 
  ebRIM profile of an abstract OGC-specific catalog, and use an OGC-specific
  catalog interface (no use of ebRS). The convener of the SWG (Lydia Geitler)
  works for the Danish government, and they are interested in this new approach
  to get interoperability across geospatial and non-geospatial domains. There
  is significant interest in this approach within the OGC (since it is more
  elegant, basically), even though it is a shift in thinking.

  Lydia presented some nice high-level requirements slides that map more 
  naturally to RegRep 4 capabilities than RegRep 3. (Note: The requirements
  might be useful as a starting point for a RegRep 4 requirements document,
  which would be a good thing to have in the future)

Main Issues relevant to the RegRep4 TC
   - Whether the OGC SWG starts out with RegRep 3 or RegRep 4

   - Galdos concerns regarding use of only type substitution in RegRep 4


  Rob Atkinson (CSIRO), who was physically present at the meeting,  presented 
  some slides Farrukh put together describing the benefits of RegRep4. (Rob 
  provided input to some of the new register capabilities in RegRep4). Farrukh
  discussed the type substitution issue in some detail, referring to links 
  with pros/cons for the general approaches.

  David Burgoff (Galdos) presented some of the Galdos issues with RegRep 4, of
  which the major issue is the focus on the type substitution issue. Their
  writeup may be a good starting point for a spec appendix summarizing the
  changes from version 3 to version 4.

Early Feedback

 3 of 5 vendors in favor of starting with RegRep4

   ERDAS, Wellfleet, Cubewerx

 1 vendor basically in favor of RegRep4, but concerned about timeline 
 (may be too early to go with RegRep4)


 1 vendor willing to go with RegRep 4 if type substitution issue is addressed
   - May not be able to reach agreement since compromise on this one may 
     not be practical (major rev is a chance to get rid of cruft, since
     backwards-compatibility is sacrificed for cleanliness)


UNCFECT Senegal Meeting (Nikola)

'Phase 6' project focusing of ebXML RegRep 3 for governance infrastructure

  France Telecom
  Korean government

Large (slow-moving?) project - not nimble. Can't quickly shift to
RegRep4 approach

Farrukh - Take advantage of presentation opportunities for RegRep4 (let
folks know what's coming down the pike)

Carl - Probably do not want to distract UNCFECT ebXML RegRep3 adoption
process. If they know RegRep4's coming they may lose momentum. 



Allesandro Trilligia(sp?) to be joining the ebXML RegRep TC. Allesandro has produced
a set of comments that he will provide once he joins.

Three statements of use required for regrep 4 Spec to make it through OASIS process.

Timeline to ISO-level standard not discussed (deferred)



1. OGC to provide feeback by Feb 2009 on RegRep4 CD1 to this TC, for incorporation
   into CD2 (Farrukh to prompt OGC SWG for feedback)

2. Need for more ebXML-specific writeup of type substitution pros/cons/history to
   attempt to resolve Galdos concern (Oliver)

3. Need Galdos input to be released to this TC for item #2 (Farrukh)

4. Need public user to be created for JIRA so public comments can be inserted and
   identified within JIRA (by TC members, not the public)  (Oliver)

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