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Subject: Re: [regrep] Ontology Versioning- ebXML RegRep Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL) 2.0

See inline comments

Regarding Ontology Versioning section in ebXML RegRep Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL) 2.0

Are you proposing that we require OWL 2? If so, that would be a significant change that I am not so sure about. Reason is that OWL 2 was only approved recently and popular open source implementations have not yet begun to support it. Adopting OWL 2 now would raise teh bar significantly for implementors of OWL profile.

No I am not proposing that OWL2 is required. But I do like the OWL2 proposal of having a Version IRI (which would be in addition to an OWL1 URI or OWL2 Ontology IRI)
OWL 2 uses Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) [RFC3987] for identifying ontologies and their elements. ..... Each OWL 2 ontology may have an ontology IRI, which is used to identify the ontology. An OWL 2 ontology may also have a version IRI, which is used to identify a particular version of the ontology. http://www.w3.org/TR/2009/WD-owl2-new-features-20090611/
(2)  To support queries of a Multiple Version Ontology we can promote use of  Boolean with Temporal Operators
•Boolean operators: negation, conjunction, etc.
•Temporal operators (Backlooking operators)
•Prevj : j holds in the previous version
•Pj:    j holds in a prior version(Sometimes in the past)
•Hj:     j holds in all prior versions (Always in the past)
•jSf:     j  always holds in the prior versions since f holds in a prior version 
http://wasp.cs.vu.nl/~huang/presentation/Huang-FlorenceWorkshop.ppt slide 6-11 Queries reasoning 11 +  retrieval 13 

Thanks for the link to above presentation. We do something almost exactly like what shown in slide 7 in current OWL profile 2.0 draft spec but perhaps made a little more generazied. An OntologyContext is like taking 1 node from the version tree of each ontology in the context and forming a knowledge base only from the clauses defined in those versions.

When querying using a normal ebRS Query protocol all a client needs to do is to specify V3 and V2 as being the makeup of the ontology context and the rest is just normal query processing albeit with OWL functions being supported. So I think we are on the same page on ontology versioning - right?

Yes we are on the same page (and hopefully same version of the page )
ontology context


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