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Subject: Meeting Minutes: February 3, 2011

Attendees: Farrukh, Nikola, Oliver, Kathryn
Minute Taker: Farrukh

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Draft agenda:

1. Welcome
2. Approval of minutes from October 28th (see email minutes)


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3. Discussion on RegRep version 4.0 working draft

  • Kathryn: Welcomed everyone and said that she had said up con-calls for the remainder of the year recently
  • Kathryn: initiated discussion by asking if any one had any issues
    • Nikola: Had discussed REGREPTC-179 (RegistryExceptionType not extensible and missing message and detail attributes http://jira.wx.ll.mit.edu/browse/REGREPTC-179)  with Farrukh and approved the resolution. Has no other issues or concerns outstanding
    • Oliver: Mentioned that his colleague Brett Levasseur at MIT Lincoln Labs has done a thorough review of latest spec bundles
    • Oliver: Said he does not have any outstanding issues or concerns
    • Farrukh: Thanked Oliver and Brett for the detailed review and said the specs look very solid after the issues identified were addressed in latest draft
  • Farrukh: Proposed that we approve latest drafts as CD6 and send them for public review
  • Farrukh: Motion to approve RegRep 4 WD6-5, January 22, 2011 as CD6
    Reference: http://docs.oasis-open.org/TChandbook/Reference/CommitteeSpecDrafts.html
    • Oliver seconded the motion
    • Kathryn conducted official voice ballot and the motion was unanimously approved by all attendees. Nikola mentioned that his affiliation needs to be updated to Individual and not RosettaNet for CD6 specs.
  • Farrukh: Motion to approve posting RegRep 4 CD6 based on RegRep 4 WD6-5, January 22, 2011 for a 30 day public review
    Reference: http://docs.oasis-open.org/TChandbook/Reference/PublicReviews.html
    • Nikola: seconded the motion
    • Kathryn conducted official voice ballot and the motion was unanimously approved by all attendees.
Next Steps:
  • Farrukh: Provide Kathryn with specification sources so OASIS can update them for CD6
  • Kathryn: Submit the necessary request forms to get CD6 published and to start the 30 day public review of CD6
  • OASIS: Publish CD6 specifications and start the 30 day public review
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4. Any additional issues?
  • Nikola: Asked if there was any OASIS news to share
    • Kathryn
      • OASIS conducted a survey to gauge interest in holding OASIS F2F meetings. Survey results indicate that not enough members are able to attend F2F at present
      • OASIS is looking for replacement for Mary McRae
  • Farrukh: Proposed that we actively start gathering the "Statements of Successful Use" defined here:
    http://docs.oasis-open.org/TChandbook/Reference/CommitteeSpecs.html so we can be ready to go forward and seek Candidate OASIS Standard status when the time is right.
    • Farrukh: Only statements from OASIS Organizational members and not Individual members will be counted
    • Farrukh: OASIS Organizational members that have implemented the specs or used an implementation of the spec both may submit "Statements of Successful Use"
    • Farrukh: An OASIS Organizational member that has used independently developed RegRep 4 server implementation and a RegRep 4 client implementation should state that they have used two inter-operable implementations of the spec.
    • Oliver: MIT Lincoln Labs can provide one "Statements of Successful Use"
    • Farrukh: Hope that NOAA can provide a second "Statements of Successful Use". Will check with Ted and others at NOAA
    • Farrukh: Will be seeking a 3rd "Statements of Successful Use"
    • All: No objection to actively seeking "Statements of Successful Use"

Next Meeting:
Congratulations to RegRep TC colleagues for a very productive meeting.
Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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