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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: [Urgent] What is our TC's formal name?

Hi Robin,

My revised question is:

Based on current formal TC name, what is the exact text that should be listed under Technical Committee: section of the title page of specs?

We have so much else to do for spec submission that I am inclined to not bother with TC name change at this point.


On 03/11/2011 01:28 PM, Robin Cover wrote:
AANLkTimUVsyJ+70CPHm0aN_G4uJWLApmU9yFB4Tdr_T+@mail.gmail.com" type="cite">
I'll need to check, but my guess is that a TC name change would
require a TC ballot for charter clarification.


PS  As to the actual name of the TC, I guess that is largely up to the
TC members, but I have personal sensibilities and recommendations
about CamelCase in this naming context, which I may communicate
off-list, after I think about "RegRep" a bit.

Possibly apropos: In the early phases of XML, it was thought that
the clever orthography "eXtensible Markup Language" would be
a good idea. By most counts: it was not, for all the reasons
that readily come to mind...

On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 10:52 AM, Farrukh Najmi
<farrukh@wellfleetsoftware.com> wrote:
Hi Guys,

After 12 years or so of our existence I am embarrassed to ask this question

I recall that long time ago we had voted to publicly change our TC's formal
name to "OASIS ebXML RegRep TC".

For some reason our TC public website says "OASIS ebXML Registry TC".

Which is correct? I need this resolved ASAP for the spec submission to

Robin, do you have any comments?

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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