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Subject: Relationship of ebXML RegRep 4 specification to similar work

Hi Guys,

Our vote to submit ebXML RegRep 4 as Candidate OASIS Standard will end today and I will be submitting a Candidate OASIS Standard Submission Request.
As part of that request, we will need to submit a statement on relationship with similar work. Here is what I propose.

ISO/IEC 11179, Information Technology -- Metadata registries (MDR) defines an abstract metadata registry standard.
ISO/IEC 19763, Information Technology -- Metamodel Framework for Interoperability (MFI) defines additional abstract models for registration of services, processes, roles, goals etc. OASIS ebXML RegRep 4 provides a concrete registry and repository standard capable of registering all types of artifacts. ebXML RegRep TC has collaborated with the respective working groups for ISO/IEC 11179 and ISO/IEC 19763 during the development of our respective specifications.
Extension profiles of OASIS ebXML RegRep 4 may be defined in future to provide a concrete binding for ISO/IEC 11179 and ISO/IEC 19763.

Please comment ASAP (even if it is a simple +1 message). Thanks.
Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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