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Subject: Establishing recurring meetings for ebXML Reg

I realize the meetings I thought I set up are not on the OASIS ebXML calendar, which causes me to wonder if I didn't set them up properly..

I would like to change our recurring meeting day to the first Friday of the month at 9:00, starting June 1st. Will having our meeting once a month on Friday at 9:00 work for everyone? Please advise and I will set it up. We can always cancel, change, or add a meeting if needed, but I would like to get these back on the calendar for consistency.

Please let me know if Friday at 9:00 works for you.


Kathryn Breininger
Manager, Standards Authoring, Release, & Technical Orders
Product Standards Office
Boeing Research & Technology
The Boeing Company

MC 62-LC
425-965-0242 desk
425-512-4281 cell
425-237-4582 fax

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