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Subject: Meeting Minutes: November 9, 2012

Attendees: Nikola, Reagan, Carl, Farrukh

 1. Approval of Minutes (from  September 14, 2012):



2. Minute taker: Farrukh

3. Review of proposed Repository SPI:

Email thread: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/regrep/email/archives/201210/msg00005.html
Wiki page: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/regrep/documents/plan/regrep4/RepositorySPI

  • Farrukh reviewed the proposal
    • Reagan described EarthCube Brokering Concept Award NSF sponsored project
    • Reagan has offered to approach EarthCube Brokering Concept Award group to see if they are interested in exploring a proposal based on RegRep 4 and Repository SPI
    • Use Cases
      • Nikola: asked about File Systems repository. Companies like Google and Microsoft are trying to make file systems search-able
        • Farrukh: Repository SPI should support file system repository with keywords search capability. Current proposal supports this use case.
      • Carl: How does RegRep 4 spatial extensions relate to this proposal
        • Farrukh: the two are complimentary and orthogonal
      • Carl: What about cyber security issues?
        • Nikola, Carl: We need to liaison with other TCs and learn more about relevant standards. Examples include OASIS Clouds Authorization TC, OAUTH,
    • Requirements
      • Query is key requirement
      • Reagan: ability to do an arbitrary operation with arbitrary parameters is a must
      • Ability to list objects is a key requirement. This can be a special case of arbitrary operation with arbitrary parameters
    • Leverage existing standards
      • Reagan: we use posix compliant interface in iRODS
        • Farrukh: Posix does not give query capability
        • Reagan: Most repository do not support query and therefor it should be optional in Repository SPI
      • Nikola: Is OASIS CMIS a candidate for Repository SPI
        • Carl: CMIS approach was to reflect best practice on how you store text in a relational database and querying using SQL
        • Farrukh: CMIS is not a good fit because it uses SQL subset for query language. How to map subset SQL to specific query languages like SPARQL and XQuery?
        • Nikola: Agree CMIS is not feasible. Need to be agnostic as possible with query language
      • Farrukh: What standards are being considered by EarthCube Brokering Concept Award
        • Reagan: OpenDAP is one but it is only NetCDF specific, focused on specific data formats
      • Carl: lets stick with our parametrized queries but extend to support additional canonical parameters and queries to support repository operations like "list objects" etc.
      • Nikola: What about ISO 14721 
        • Reagan: Did not think it was a good fit (scribe cannot recall reasons)

  • Meeting adjourned with general consensus on value of Repository SPI and to continue building on current proposal in subsequent meeting

4. Additional items?

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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