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Subject: Proposal for Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Profile

Dear Colleagues,

I have been working on supporting the publish, management and discovery of Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) resources in an ebXML RegRep.

Here is a good definition of SLD resources in Wikipedia:

"A Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) is an XML schema specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for describing the appearance of map layers. It is capable of describing the rendering of vector and raster data. A typical use of SLDs is to instruct a Web Map Service (WMS) of how to render a specific layer."

One way to think of and SLD document is that it plays a similar role for a mapping service as does a HTML Style sheet for a web page. They both style their base resource and give it the desired visual appearance.

With the explosion of feature and coverage data displayed on top of maps (e.g. google maps) there is a huge number of SLDs defined. An ebXML RegRep server can play a vitally important role of a SLD Catalog by facilitating the reuse of SLD resources and making them easily discoverable.

I have written the initial outline of an extension profile specification with the proposed title "ebXML RegRep Profile for Slide Layer Descriptor (SLD) Resources" in our wiki at.


You will see close similarities between the PDFProfile specification outline and this new SLD Profile specification outline. They both define a CQL Context Set and use CQL queries to query for their respective resources. This simplifies the profile by not requiring parameterized queries to be defined by the profile.

Please share any comments on the outline specification.

Thank you.

Farrukh Najmi


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