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Subject: re: Issue: overriding attributes

On 05/07/2001 16:00:11 David RR Webber wrote:

>Message text written by James Clark
>Is this a capability we need for RELAX 1.0?
>From a business point of view I would say 'No'!

From a business point of view, I would say 'Yes'.  Simple XLinks have 3 attributes - xlink:type, xlink:href, and xlink:role.  Now xlink:type is fixed ("simple"), and xlink:href is likely to always be set within an instance document.  However, xlink:role is an attribute that cannot be fixed within the XLink spec itself, but which you might like to fix within a Schema rather than separately in every instance document.  For example, I have sometimes used it to indicate the kind of element to which the link is allowed to point.  For this reason alone, the ability to override attribute definitions (as XML Schema can) should be included in RELAX-NG.

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