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Subject: jing implementation


I have transformed a TREX schema to a RELAX NG schema (by hand).  I
wanted to test a file according to my schema with jing.  But jing did 
not found the obvius error in my test file, whereas the trex tool 
found it.  After several tests, I found that jing always returns 
without any error message if the given schema file is a valid XML 
file.  It seems that the second parameter for jing (the file to be
tested against the schema) is not necessary.

BTW, I am searching for a validator which validates cross references
in files (and better between files). Are there any hints?


Kind regards

Michael Weber             Tel. +49-30-2093-3075; Fax +49-30-2093-3067
Institut f. Informatik, HU Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, D-10099 Berlin

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