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Subject: Re: Versioning

John Cowan wrote:
> There is already a version part in an FPI, so that would take care
> of the versioning problem.  For example, the TREX 1.0 FPI might be:
>         -//OASIS//NOTATION TREX//EN//1.0
> which under the current proposal would be mapped to the URI:
>         urn:publicid:-:OASIS:NOTATION:TREX:1.0
> In this scheme, we require TREX processors to recognize any namespace
> beginning "urn:publicid:-:OASIS:NOTATION:TREX:" as TREX, and then
> check the version part to figure out if the processor can handle this
> particular TREX schema.

I think using a URN is good, and I think having the last component of
the URN be the version number is good, but I don't see the benefit of
using an FPI-based URI: it looks over-complex to me.

What URN schemes are there available?  Is there an OASIS policy on
namespace URIs?


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