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Subject: Re: Versioning

John Cowan wrote:
> Except for the "NOTATION", which could just as well be "NAMESPACE" (the
> currently proposed publicid URN syntax extends the dozen-plus FPI
> document classes to be any arbitrary identifier), I think this
> says everything that needs to be said: the document owner is OASIS
> (a non-registered name), the name of the thing being labeled is TREX.

Changing "NOTATION" to "NAMESPACE" makes me much more comfortable.  I
would prefer a registered name if possible.

> > What URN schemes are there available?
> There are currently *no* general-purpose URN namespaces available.
> Currently we have the "ietf" namespace, for RFCs and their close relatives;
> the "pin" namespace, for Whois objects; and the "issn" namespace,
> for serials (newspapers, magazines, etc.).  None of these is suitable.

So what's the schedule for the publicid URN scheme?  If that is the only
suitable one that will be available in time, then that's a good argument
for using it.


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