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Subject: Re: Syntax of parent attribute on ref element

John Cowan wrote:
> James Clark scripsit:
> > The ref element has a parent attribute with values true or false, which
> > indicates whether the reference is to the current grammar or to the
> > parent grammar.
> >
> > Can we do better than the current syntax?
> I propose adding a grammar attribute to the ref element.  This
> would mean that the reference was to the parent grammar whose
> name is specified by the attribute.
> This would require that the name attribute be added to the grammar
> element.
> It is an error if the named grammar is not a parent grammar.

There's only one parent grammar.  Do you mean you would be able to refer
to any ancestor grammar?

I considered that, but I couldn't come up with a use case where I needed
to refer to anything other than the parent. The use case for parent
references is


Using named grammar references don't seem to me to improve this case. 
Do you have other cases in mind?


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