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Subject: Re: interleave and strings

> > Pattern is illegal if (and only if) its content model automaton has two consecutive
> > transitions by characters. I think this is what we want to avoid.
> That is not quite it.

I know that the current JTREX implementation is different. But certainly
the above situation is the only situation we want to avoid (with respect
to string/element interleaving), right?

As for this,

> <group>
>   <anyString/>
>   <anyString/>
> </group>

As I wrote, my formulation has to be modified to allow consecutive
transitions by anyString.

> I also don't think a description in terms of automata is a good for the
> spec, because it would require that the spec describe how to build an
> automata.  I also want to keep things easy for people who aren't using
> automata to implement this.

I think the spec should describe constraints as currently it does, too.
But I feel it should be based on a mathematical model, otherwise it will
be unnecessarily ad hoc.

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