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Subject: Re: interleave and strings

James Clark wrote:

> I think this
> restriction is one that is natural and inoffensive to markup users, and
> simple to grasp intuitively.  XML Schema has the same restriction.

To me, the definition of your restriction is difficult to understand.  But this 
sentence helps me to have some guess.

XML Schema and RELAX Core have the same restriction: when you declare some content 
model is "mixed",  not only whitespace characters but also non-whitespace characters 
are allowed to prepend, intersperse, and follow elements.  TREX is slightly more 
powerful in the sense that you can specify where in the content model <anyString> 
occur.  For example, (a, #anyString, b, c, #anyString) is possible in TREX, but 
XML Schema and RELAX Core only allows (#anyString, a, #anyString, b, #anyString, 
c, #anyString).  This is not quite it, since TREX allows <attribute ....> as part of 
content models.  But this is basically the difference.  Am I right?



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