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Subject: Re: Issue: language name

Message text written by Michael Smith
>I'd like to propose that the official name of the language should
include "XML Schema"-- e.g. "RELAX XML Schema".

I think the fact that the W3C XML schema offering is called simply
"XML Schema" has managed to confuse a lot of people-- so much so that
lots of introductory books and articles fail to even acknowledge that
there are other schema/validation languages written in XML syntax.

I think that including "XML Schema" in the official name of TREX/RELAX
would make it clear to potential users exactly what it is, and help to
position the language in the way it seems like it is going to be
positioned-- as an alternative to the W3C XML schema language.



Really, really excellent point.

We may want to pin this down even tighter - Schema Structure System?


and put the emphasis on separation of structure from all the other 
baggage that people are inadvertently buying if they 
purchase W3C Schema.


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