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Subject: Re: Issue: duplicate attributes

James Clark wrote:

> I don't see a good solution to 2.  We could distinguish two kinds of name
> class: wildcards and non-wildcards.
> wildcard ::=  <anyName/>
>                      | <nsName/>
>                      | <choice> wildcard wildcard </choice>
>                      | <difference> wildcard nameClass </difference>
> nonWildcard ::= <name>...</name>
>                            | <choice> nonWildcard nonWildcard </choice>
>                            | <difference> nonWildcard nameClass
> </difference>
> Then the nameClass for an attribute would be either a wildcard or a
> nonWildcard; the semantics of attribute when it is a wildcard would be to
> allow zero or more such attributes.  Or perhaps we could use a separate
> <anyAttribute/> element in this case.

I do not think this is complication.  Rather, this is simplification.  (To 
the contrary, I think the current syntax is over 

I believe that this restriction makes coversion from TREX to RELAX significantly 
easier.  This means that it  becomes possible to construct a tree automaton *in 
advance*.  Given a start tag, you can examine its attributes and then choose 
<attribute ...>-free content models.


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