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Subject: Re: Guarded normal form (part 1)

Murata Makoto wrote:

> If an <attribute> contains either <t:anyName/> or 
> <t:nsName ns="namespaceURI"/> and its occurrence is not in the 
> first child of <difference>, that <attribute> element can be 
> satisified without causing any conflicts with other <attribute> 
> patterns.  For example, the following <attribute> patterns in a 

Oops, this is not easy as I thought.  
<difference><anyName/><anyName/></attribute> accepts nothing.

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI wrote:

> I tried to extend the algorithm to compute the
> cardinality of NC (finite or infinite), but it's probably impossible due
> to <difference>.

Ouch!  I was hoping that a simple recursive program (which computes 
a set of namepaces) would work.  Are you sure?



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