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Subject: Re: Name classes

> >
> > In particular, I believe it is necessary to support
> ...
> Thanks for your clarification.  It is not different from my expectation.
> One question: do you think that choice of
> positive literals (e.g., <choice><name>a</name><name>b</name></choice>)
> are necessary?

I suspect you can always transform positive literals out:

<element><choice><name>a</name><name>b</name></choice> p </element>



>  Or are they allowed only for the following reason?

I didn't find any need to impose a limitation.

> > I found that any solution that didn't use a nested structure with a set
> > primitives and a set of operations to combine them became messy fast.
> My algorithm for detecting duplication of attribute name requires
> only because of choice of positive literals.  Do other algorithms become
> simpler if choice of positive literals is disallosed?

I don't think mine becomes any simpler.


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