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relax-ng message

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Subject: RE: Deciding on the name

for the record, may I opine

1. uRelax ... I like the word "unified" because it describes accurately
what's going on

2. iRelax ... I dunno, I just like it

3. Relax NG ... I am happy with it but it is 3rd because it just reminds me
too much of Windows "NT" or Windows "Me" which have a bit of a chloroform
effect upon me, as does any cunning marketese.


-----Original Message-----
From: James Clark [mailto:jjc@jclark.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2001 7:39 PM
To: TREX Discussion List
Subject: Deciding on the name

We need to choose a name soon.  To start the decision making process, please
could anybody who cares send a message with the names they find acceptable
in order of preference.

Here's my list (most preferred first):

1. URELAX (Unified Relax)

2. RELAX NG (Relaxing, RELAX Next Generation)

3. iRELAX (Improved RELAX, ISO RELAX, increment RELAX)


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