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Subject: Minutes for RELAX NG TC 2001-05-17

Minutes for RELAX NG TC held 2001-05-17 10:30 EDT

[Please post additions or corrections by replying to the list. My aplogies
for lateness.]


David Webber
Norm Walsh
Josh Lubell
Mike Fitzgerald

Next meeting: May 24, 2001 10:30 AM EDT

1. Face-to-face, rate of progress. After a discussion of some possibilities,
a face to face seems impractical at the moment. The slow rate of progress
was also discussed. It was decided that we should hold more frequent
meetings to speed things along a bit. A suggestion was made that we vote by
email, but Murata-san saw this as risky.

2. Repeat M-N. The decison to defer this feature until after 1.0 was

3. Name. The unified Trex-Relax language shall be called RELAX NG
(pronounced 'relaxing').

4. Datatypes. Many areas discussed. Based on James' mail to list:
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/trex/200105/msg00147.html. (All item
numbers below are taken from James' message.)

 Item 1. Removal of anonymous datatypes. Voted no anonymous datatypes in

 Item 2. <data> element may have zero or more <param> children. Voted yes
for 1.0 (name issue separate).

 Item 3. key/keyref. Voted yes for 1.0 (albeit tentatively).

 Item 4. Add oneOrMoreTokens/zeroOrMoreTokens. Voted yes for 1.0. Do not
overload oneOrMore/zeroOrMore.

 Item 5. Removal of <string> element. Choices pared to a, b, and c.
 Roll call vote taken, each allowed to give his preferred order of priority.

  Josh    no opinion
  David   C B A
  Norm    B A C - first vote, changed to ?
  Mike F  C A B
  K-san   A or C
  M-san   C A B
  James   C B A - but not sure

  C seemed to be favored, but we decided to give it a few days.

  Other datatype issues were discussed broadly, but not conclusively.

5. David W. brought up several times concepts related to datatype libraries
and registries used by ebXML, concepts which were smiled upon by some in the
TC. Perhaps David can further elucidate.

Wy'east Communications     http://www.wyeast.net     mailto:mike@wyeast.net

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