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Subject: Re: Tutorial

> In the first paragraph of the section 5,
> > RELAX NG does not have any system of datatypes built in. Rather it
> > expects to partner with a datatyping vocabulary,
> But I believe it is wrong. I think we will have two built-in types,
> right?

Right.  I changed this to:

"RELAX NG allows patterns to reference externally-defined datatypes, such as
those defined by W3C XML Schema Part 2."

> In the section 9, maybe you want to describe more about the difference
> of defining patterns inside <include> and outside <include>.

Currently I say: "Normally, duplicate definitions (two definitions with the
same name) result in an error. However, define elements may be put inside
the include element to indicate that they are to replace definitions in the
included grammar pattern."  Could you be specific about what I should add?


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