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Subject: Re: Proposed resolution for #21: duplicateAttributes

James Clark wrote:
>If the spec is going to say "Implementations may issue error messages for
>duplicate attributes", then the spec has to define exactly what constitutes
>a duplicate attribute.  How should it do this?

I have GNF normalization in mind.  But I am not sure if we should put 
that in the spec.

>I am also concerned that this will create interoperability problems (like
>the ambiguity constraint in XML).  Either it should be an error and
>implementations should be required to detect it, or it should not be an
>error and implementations should be required to accept it.

I don't think so.  Implementations may issue warning messages, but they 
are required to continue.  Thus, the only difference is warning messages.
Different XML parsers already show different warning messages.  What is 
wrong about that?



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