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relax-ng message

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Subject: RELAX NG telcon June 7

The next RELAX NG telcon will take place at 10:30am EDT on Thursday 31st
May. The dial-in numbers are:

800 851 1769 (US callers)
775 324 0362 (International)

Participant code: 597197


1. QNames for elements and attributes; we need to decide this one way or
another and move on

2. Should we change the syntax of the global attribute?

3. Should we change the name of the datatypeNamespace attribute? If so,
should we rename the "namespace" attribute back to "ns" (and similarly for
the nsName element)?

4. Should we allow delimiters other than whitespace for <list>?

5. Should a redefinition without an original be an error?

6. Should multiple definitions in the same file be allowed?

7. Should nested grammars be prohibited?

8. key/keyRef and modularity: is anybody else concerned about this, or
should we forget about it for 1.0?

9. Publishing the tutorial. Can we agree to change the status section of the
tutorial and publish it as representing the current committee consensus?


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