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Subject: Formal semantics of <text/>

The current formal definition of <text/> can match multiple tokens. So


 can match " abc def ghi" and 
     <element A/>
     <element B/>
 can match "ttt<A/>ttt<B/>ttt".

This behavior is acceptable from the view point of validator
implementers, but I think this is problematic for other
schema-applications, because number of tokens that <text/> can match
depends on the context.

Is it possible to change the definition of <text/> so that it can match
at most one token.

E; ns |- {}; s = ~<text/> => {};{}

(remove the rule (text-2))

The relationship between <newText/> and <oldText/> would be

<oldText/> = <zeroOrMore><newText/></zeroOrMore>

E-Mail: kohsukekawaguchi@yahoo.com

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