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Subject: Re: Encouragement to commit to partnering with XML Schema datatypes

David RR Webber <Gnosis_@compuserve.com> writes:

> Message text written by Aron Roberts
> >
>    This message is to strongly encourage you to commit at an early 
> stage to partnering with XML Schema datatypes.  There are 
> considerable, perhaps obvious advantages in maintaining datatype 
> interoperability between these two schema languages.  Also, there's 
> little point in 'reinventing the wheel' in this area.
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Does anyone have an issue with this?
> Its the Part 1 of Schema that is where most all 
> of the ugliness resides is my take.
> There may be some fine tuning on Part 2 - but not major objections
> is my take here.
> Agree - Yes / No ??

Isn't datatype interoperability is an issue only for RELAX NG
implementations, not for the language itself -- since it doesn't have a
datatype system of its own? Wording in the current tutorial[1] draft is:

  RELAX NG allows patterns to reference externally-defined datatypes,
  such as those defined by W3C XML Schema Part 2. RELAX NG
  implementations may differ in what datatypes they support. You must
  use datatypes that are supported by the implementation you plan to use.

So seems the language itself could be described as "datatype neutral".

[1] http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/tutorial.html#c41b1b6

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