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Subject: RE: Encouragement to commit to partnering with XML Schema datatypes

I would further add that the RELAX model fits much more with the
ebXML technical architecture and need for simple transaction 
assembly and the use of semantic registries than W3C Schema,
which is actually 180' out of alignment with that model.  Explicit
datatyping is less important in this model since the registry
supplies both semantic validation and business context 
validation rules - which simple datatyping cannot possibly
hope to do in the same ways.

The W3C Schema requirements are entirely to blame for this,
as while W3C Schema does indeed meet the requirements
as defined by the W3C, unfortunately these requirements miss
the mark for business transactional use.

So for ebXML - the first choice will be RELAX.

Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
>In addition, I do not
believe the RELAX NG TC is working under the auspices of any commercial
interests, but will succeed based on its solid theoretical foundation that
will circumvent future troubling anomalies.

Best regards,


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