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Subject: RE: Minutes for RELAX NG TC 2001-06-07

Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
Each of these PEs could be considered a wrapper. A div element might be a
slick optional way to represent these wrappers in RELAX NG, that is, to
group declarations together in a discrete way. To see what xCBL does, you
can go to http://www.xcbl.org and download their latest package.


Using div in this way is much better than the xCBL approach.

Lots of sub-DTD's where the sub-DTD's are pandora's boxes are
how programmers keep jobs for life because no-one else can
figure out the myrid and complex inter-dependencies.

When you see 90+ DTD's spread over 20 sub-directories - you know
this is just a C++ /Java make file by other means!

Did I say I think xCBL is just wonderful really?  ; ->


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