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relax-ng message

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Subject: Smooth

Just want to congratulate! You have (once again) come up
with a lightweight yet powerful piece of technology.
It is just so intuitive. I read the draft tutorial once and converted
a schema I had previously written in W3C XML Schema.
It was very straightforward. I remember writing the schema in the first
place: a real pain, I had to check back to the spec all the time.
With RELAX NG, the schema worked at the first try with Jing.
I read in the archive that you are discussing whether to use the "name"
attribute to name things or to use different attributes like "pattern".
To me, having a consistent use of just "name" felt very natural,
I never had to check with the tutorial. So please, keep it that simple.
David Rosenborg
Pantor Engineering AB

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