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Subject: Minutes for RELAX NG TC 2001-06-14

Minutes for RELAX NG TC Meeting on Thursday, June 14, 2001 10:30 AM EDT
(UTC -05:00)

[Please post corrections and amendments by replying to the RELAX NG list.]


James Clark (chair)
Josh Lubell
Mike Fitzgerald
Norm Walsh
David Webber


Mike Smith
Fabio A.

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 21, 2001 10:30 AM EDT (UTC -05:00)

1. Renaming of name attribute.

TC voted in favor of leaving the name attribute as is. Murata-san was not
happy but can live with this.

2. General principles.

TC discussed for some time the relation of our data model, patterns, and XML
1.0. Murata-san had used the term "generate" and James asked for
clarification. Murata-san was using the term in light of regular tree
languages that can generate acceptable sentences that can then generate
trees. [Clarify?] James claims that you cannot use the current inference
rules to prove that the current grammar allows anything except XML 1.0.
Kawaguchi-san suggested that we write a simpler inference rule. It came down
to the whether RELAX NG should report non-XML 1.0 patterns as errors or
simply not allow them.

TC voted in favor of 'error' over 'not allowed' in regard to non-XML 1.0.

3. Issue 21. Should we allow duplicate attributes?

This was in response to Murata-san's suggestion that we add
<multipleAttributes>. James stated that we could disallow duplicate
attributes by adding an antecedent that states that attribute bags (bags are
unordered collections) must be disjoint.

TC voted not to adopt <multipleAttributes> syntax, but James said we could
adopt Murata-san's related algorithm.

4. Issue 19. Should we restrict elements and attributes inside attributes?

TC voted that yes we should restrict elements and attributes inside

5. Issue 33. Should we restrict element and attributes inside of list?

TC voted that yes we should restrict elements and attributes inside of list.

6. Issue 18. How shall we handle restriction wrt data, value, and list?

This issue is a bit tricky and we decided to allow TC to discuss this
further by e-mail. Murata-san had earlier presented some theoretical
material on this issue. James asked him to expand on this and mail it to the
list. We hope to work out details on the list and reach a decision next

Other Issues

We talked about the need to start developing a suite for conformance
testing. James suggested a SourceForge project so people could check things
in, both valid and invalid. No volunteers to set this up. [We had discussed
in an earlier meeting using SourceForge for documentation. I believe Fabio
volunteered to help out there.]

Murata-san is working on getting funding for his work. [A suggestion was
made that he set up shop in Hawaii, perhaps with a branch in Bangkok. %^}]

Our congratulations to James for his implementation of RELAX NG this week,
now called Jing. (/Jing/ means /true/ in Thai.)

Wy'east Communications     http://www.wyeast.net     mailto:mike@wyeast.net

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