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Subject: RELAX NG Tutorial comments

Hi there!

Some comments on things in the tutorial.

1. <optional> versus <zeroOrMore> and <oneOrMore>
Perhaps "zeroOrOne" could be defined as an alias for "optional"?  The issue
is simply one of consistency in naming.

2. use of "href" in <externalRef /> and <include />
Why not XLinks?  Granted, it's more complex, even for the simple case, but
also has some interesting potential for external decoration/annotation with
linkbases.  Could externalRef and include be defined (alternatively,
perhaps, rather than as a requirement) to be XLinKs?

3. Qualified names
The example provided in section 10.2 does not seem terribly useful.  The
text speaks of multiple namespaces and the need for ease of use, but the
example uses a single namespace, and the prefixed version is more complex
than the defaulted version (which is not shown).

Amelia A Lewis
Senior Developer

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